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Backyard Beans Coffee Company - Lansdale, PA

Backyard Beans is in the heart of Lansdale, Pennsylvania. The owner of this shop got his start roasting beans in a propane grill in his backyard. The operation is much more sophisticated now with wide coffee distribution. If you stop by the café to pick up a bag it's likely the beans were roasted in the previous day. Currently, Backyard Beans is offering a drive-up service so you can pickup some drinks and food from the convenience of your car!

Her Take:

Backyard Beans has been a family favorite since we moved to this area. Their coffee is always strong and delicious - I especially like their seasonal drinks. Regardless of the season I always come back to their Honey Latte - in the summer I get it iced and on a cold snowy day like today I get it hot. The drive-thru service and new online ordering they've implemented since the COVID-19 restrictions have been seamless and appreciated - it's a weekly outing for us since we've been cooped up and we always look forward to it.

His Take:

My go to order at Backyard Beans is usually a medium or light roast drip coffee. There is so much flavor in these beans and I attribute it to the quality and freshness of the roast. They routinely profile their partner growers and are continually producing new roasts. The Nitro Cold Brew is great for a warm day (or cold!) and can even be found in grocery stores such as Whole Foods along with their other products.

Favorite Menu Items:

- The Nitro Cold Brew in a can is always something we add onto our order to enjoy later that day.

- The West Main Breakfast Burrito is SO good... we usually add sausage. The roasted tomato salsa in here is great.

- Medium roast drip coffee.

- Bag of whole bean roasted coffee.


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