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Perky Joe's Cafe

Perky Joe's is located just north of Harleysville, Pennsylvania. Brewing strong and delicious coffee, with the added benefit of homemade baked goods and food items, this unassuming café packs a punch.

Her Take

We've been coming to Perky Joe's for about 3 years now and I am always impressed by the service and the quality of the coffee and food. The coffee is STRONG. If I am feeling sluggish I know that an iced coffee or a medium roast from Perky Joe's will fix me right up. They make their iced coffee very concentrated so it isn't diluted by the ice and it is perfect. The café features work from local artists and it has an authentic and cozy feel that I love.

His Take

I am a sucker for a solid drip coffee and Perky Joe's hits the nail on the head. Their medium roast "Joe's Joe" that is custom roasted by Speakeasy Coffee Company in Pennsburg, PA is my go to. If you go in and order saying "I'll have a large medium" they'll know you're a regular. Add a single biscotti or a bag of them, and you won't be disappointed.

Favorite Menu Items

- The Strata on a toasted bagel is simple and satisfying - we usually go with the classic strata that has bacon and cheese, but there are other veggie options as well.

- The Biscotti is homemade and so good. Coconut biscotti has been our favorite so far...

- The Medium Roast coffee is always fresh. It has strong flavor without being overly bitter and that's hard to do.


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